Time Team

Time Team – Series 19 & 20

Bait Studio – Video Text – Channel 4 – 22 Episodes – 8 Specials – 4 Compilations


As one of two Senior Designers on Series 19 & 20 of this long running Channel 4 archaeology programme we were tasked with producing 17 hours of programming a year, (11 Episodes, 2 Compilation & 4 Specials) with an average of 25 to 40 graphics to produce for each episode a full series amounted to somewhere in the region of 350 to 400 shots.

These shots ranged from more simple shot fixes like boom removal and overlays to the more complicated Full CG Reconstructions and Map Sequences.

Each episode  demanded fast but accurate work, relying on good feedback from our experts each episodes graphics had a turnaround of around 3 weeks.

belton2 Belton1 caera2 EarlsColne1 EarlsColne2 Shake2swansea4 Upton3 Swansea2 henham7 dundrum2 bitterly_Wide bitterly_Mid belton3 Beadnell_church barrow56 barrow6 Bedlam_new barrow3 BArrow1 Beadnell_skeleton Caerleon_4 Caerleon_3 Caerleon_1barrow2 caerau3 Newmarket1 Shake1 Ridegeways2